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The sound quality of the new headphones is not ideal? How to properly take the opportunity?

The sound quality of the new headphones is not ideal? How to properly take the opportunity?

2018/12/21 14:32
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New headphones are usually not satisfied with the sound quality, and even suspect the quality of the headphones. In fact, don't worry, the new headphones are like new cars, they all need to go through the run-in period. The sound quality is not ideal, it shows that it is new, and it is not well adapted to the playing of various music!
Therefore, there is a saying that is "downtime." The so-called downtime is to use headphones to play various types of music. The sound quality will be more prominent after continuous operation during playback. This is a great way to make new headphones sound better.
Then the question is coming, how to get it right? There are usually the following methods:

Come down
Fast downtime is the pursuit of efficiency. You can use this method when you want your headset to achieve the desired playback as quickly as possible. This is usually done by playing white noise and pink noise. Loop, the volume is not too big, rest for a few hours a day. It will be almost effective after about a week.

2. Natural shutdown
Of course, the most important thing is nature. Simply put, you don't have to listen to music, use medium to small volume, listen to the type of music you like. Listen slowly, after a long time, it will naturally be very good, the sound quality of the headphones will become more and more ideal.

3. Software downtime
In order to make the machine easier, the software of the machine. Using this software, the machine will be programmed to automatically play a variety of downtime sources and make the headphones achieve the desired sound faster.

But in general, downtime needs to be cautious, and although it works better, there are still some risks. Improperly played, it can cause irreversible damage to the headphones, especially when looking for speed and efficiency. In contrast, the natural shutdown method is safer, of course, it is a bit slower.

There is another reason why you need to know a little worth the price, as is the headset. Its playback effect depends mainly on the headphones themselves. Downtime just makes it sound better, but it doesn't make a big difference, so don't take the chance to make a motorcycle a BMW!

After reading, how do you get the right time?
New headphones are usually not satisfied with the sound quality, and even suspect the quality of the headphones. In fact, don't worry, the new headphones are like new cars, they all need to go through the run-in period. The sound quality is not ideal, it shows that it is new, and it is not well adapted to the playing of various music!
Therefore, there is a saying that is "downtime." The so-called downtime is to use headphones to play various types of music. The sound quality will be more prominent after continuous operation during playback. This is a great way to make new headphones sound better.
Then the question is coming, how to get it right? There are usually the following methods:
Come down
Fast downtime is the pursuit of efficiency. You can use this method when you want your headset to achieve the desired playback as quickly as possible. This is usually done by playing white noise and pink noise. Loop, the volume is not too big, rest for a few hours a day. It will be almost effective after about a week.
2. Natural shutdown
Of course, the most important thing is nature. Simply put, you don't have to listen to music, use medium to small volume, listen to the type of music you like. Listen slowly, after a long time, it will naturally be very good, the sound quality of the headphones will become more and more ideal.
3. Software downtime
In order to make the machine easier, the software of the machine. Using this software, the machine will be programmed to automatically play a variety of downtime sources and make the headphones achieve the desired sound faster.
But in general, downtime needs to be cautious, and although it works better, there are still some risks. Improperly played, it can cause irreversible damage to the headphones, especially when looking for speed and efficiency. In contrast, the natural shutdown method is safer, of course, it is a bit slower.
There is another reason why you need to know a little worth the price, as is the headset. Its playback effect depends mainly on the headphones themselves. Downtime just makes it sound better, but it doesn't make a big difference, so don't take the chance to make a motorcycle a BMW!
After reading, how do you get the right time?
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