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Production scale

Totally three workshops, with 325 injection molding machines, with an annual output of over 22,000 tons, with manipulators, robots and other automation equipment, and sufficient capacity to complete large orders at home and abroad.


Raw material advantage

Select high-quality raw materials provided by large domestic and foreign petrochemical companies, and conduct various performance evaluations before selecting models;All raw materials are inspected in the factory according to relevant standards, and unqualified products will be returned;All raw materials meet long-term safety assessments such as weather resistance in addition to physical property testing, so as to ensure that the products are environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.The independently developed PVC raw material formula has passed the NSF certification test. Own formula has been certified and supported, stable and reliable


Process advantage

After years of accumulated production, research and development experience, Yonggao has achieved the best production process standards. The technical department will first carry out trial production according to technical standards. Then when the first product is inspected by the quality control department, the workshop production process standards will be locked. Any adjustments need to be authorized. Workers have no right to adjust the production process and time, which ensures the stability of production.


Quality control advantage

The company's quality control process mainly includes first article inspection, process inspection, packaging inspection, and finished product inspection The first inspection is carried out by production employees, machine repairers, and quality inspectors to test and test the trial production products, and then start mass production after passing the test.

Process inspections are randomly inspected by process inspectors every four hours to supervise the quality of bulk goods The packaging inspection is randomly selected by process inspectors to supervise the quality of the goods and packaging during the packaging process. Finished product inspection includes: Product performance inspection is strictly based on the standards of each market. The items include appearance, size (inner diameter, wall thickness, socket depth, diameter), opacity, maximum out-of-roundness,

melt mass flow rate, and hydrostatic test . Product packaging inspection: packaging quantity, label content, carton content, packaging material quality. Through strict inspection and monitoring throughout the entire process from trial production to finished products, we ensure that the quality of finished products meets standards and meets customer requirements.